"Det blir mackor med O’boy och O’boy. Och flingor med O’boy". Förpackning och varumärke som representation av det vardagliga livet och konsumtionen som frigörelse

Martin Hellström


Packaging and trademarks as representation of everyday life and consumption as liberation. This text shows how the packages in Pija Lindenbaum When Owen's mom breathed fire (2005) represent the everyday life and the reality in contrast to his mother who turned into a dragon. The text also shows how consumption can represent liberation and personal growth in a few Swedish picture books of recent years. It also covers how a rejection of the commercial children's literature can effect our view of the packaging of children's book illustrations. Examples from Gunilla Bergström's books about Alfie Atkins shows how the anonymous and non-recognizable packaging can be perceived.

Keywords: Pija Lindenbaum, Gunilla Bergström, packaging, consumption, Swedish children’s literature


Pija Lindenbaum; Gunilla Bergström; packaging; consumption; Swedish children’s literature

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14811/clr.v34i1.31


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