”Den lömske Judas!” Om bilden av Judas i Barnens bibel

  • Sören Dalevi
Keywords: Barnens bibel, The Children’s Bible, Anne de Vries, narratology, bible stories, kinderbibel, theology and children, religion, Judas


Barnens bibel (The Children’s Bible) by Anne de Vries is the best-selling children’s Bible in Northern Europe, with a circulation of nearly 900,000 copies in Sweden alone. Written in a language adapted to children it came to dominate the market from the 1960s onwards, not only in Swedish homes and churches but also in schools. This study uses the narratological tools narrator and fokalization to analyze how and in what way the biblical texts on Judas have been adapted to children in Barnens bibel. The study shows how Barnens bibel by changes in narration and fokalization develops a strong antipathy towards Judas, and that the character of Judas has a significantly more important and expanded role in Barnens bibel than he has in the biblical text.

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Dalevi, S. (2015). ”Den lömske Judas!” Om bilden av Judas i Barnens bibel. Barnboken, 38. https://doi.org/10.14811/clr.v38i0.223
Tema: Religion/Theme: Religion