Läsarengagemang, bildtolkning och identifikation

Barns brev till tidskriften Jultomten

  • Sirkka Ivakko
  • Björn Sundmark
Keywords: Barnbiblioteket Saga, children’s periodicals, children’s letters, reading promotion, reader engagement


Reader Engagement, Interpretation, and Identification: Children’s Letters to the Christmas Annual Jultomten

The article examines a selection of children’s letters sent to the editor of the Swedish annual Christmas publication Jultomten (Father Christmas) during three years at the turn of the century 1900. The aim is to show how children responded to the editor’s invitation to write letters to the journal, how the children commented on some of the images, and how their appreciation and involvement were articulated in terms of reader engagement, interpretation, and identification. For this purpose, the letters were analyzed with the help of visual literacy theories and methods, which focus on primary school children’s picture (and picturebook) reception. The results show that the children’s response to the chosen images varies according to their level of involvement and degree of visual literacy competence.

How to Cite
Ivakko, S., & Sundmark, B. (2022). Läsarengagemang, bildtolkning och identifikation: Barns brev till tidskriften Jultomten . Barnboken, 45. https://doi.org/10.14811/clr.v45.681
Tema: Barnbiblioteket Saga och Svensk Läraretidnings förlag/Theme: The Children’s Library Saga and the Swedish Teachers’ Magazine’s Publishing House